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Private or Corporate French lessons tailored with you in mind

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Private French Lessons For You!

You can learn French on a one-to-one basis or in a group (min 3 people) with some friends or with your family. Contact French for You - French Tutor in Oatlands Village between Weybridge and Walton on Thames Surrey

At every level:
Whether you are a complete beginner or a confident French speaker, I can help you discover more about my country and mother-tongue.

Tailored lessons:
Everyone has their own way of learning: some pupils have a visual memory and like to write down while learning, others on the contrary prefer a “no paper, no pen” approach.


Some feel comfortable with learning set sentences progressively, while others need to get the “whole picture” for a more analytical approach. Because we are all different, I adapt my teaching methods according to your own specific needs.


Who Am I?

 I am an experienced and qualified French teacher for adults

A French national, I was born and grew up near Reims, in France, before moving to the UK for my post-graduate studies.

A former expatriate, I was a language adult learner myself (Russian and Bahasa Indonesia): I know from first hand the frustrations but also high rewards that come with learning a foreign language.


How Do I Teach French?

Learning French does not have to be scary!

You can learn French on a one-to-one basis or in a group (min 3 people) with some friends or with your family.

French Tutor - Lessons for Adults. French taught to complete beginners and confident French Speakers - French tutor in Weybridge near Walton on Thames Surrey

I use a variety of printed, audio and visual media as well as games to keep lessons enjoyable.

Communication is paramount, so you will learn “linguistic survival techniques” to help you face up to any situation that may arise. Emphasize is given to speaking and hearing skills, but writing and reading skills are also covered.

One cannot learn a language without knowing the country and its culture: you will learn interesting facts and funny anecdotes about France in each lesson (What “table manners” should one use in France? Who was Antoine-Augustin Parmentier? Why don’t French people drive on the left? What is the Code Napoleon? What does “le système D” mean?)

For those interested in a first-hand experience of France, I organise day trips to Paris for my pupils on a regular basis. I also work in close partnership with “L’Auberge”, a French restaurant in Weybridge where we hold French-speaking lunches and dinners to practice French in situ.


Where Are The French Lessons?

Tuition takes place where most convenient for you:

Your home or office if within a 5 mile radius from Weybridge (I can travel further at an extra-cost). The area I cover includes Cobham, Walton on Thames, Byfleet, Chertsey, Esher, Hersham, Sunbury and Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge in Surrey and Shepperton in Middlesex.

My home, in Oatlands Village, Weybridge, Surrey, in a relaxed atmosphere with a cup of coffee or tea.

When Are The Lessons?

Modern life means constantly changing schedules, which is why my teaching time-table is very flexible to fit your needs.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 8am to 4pm

Testimonials - Private French Lessons

One To One French Lessons

“I have been having one to one lessons with Anne Scott Watson for almost 2 years. Anne is a well prepared and conscientious teacher. She varies her lessons each week and uses a variety of teaching methods. Her lessons are interesting and well paced. My understanding of French and appreciation of grammar has improved, as well as my confidence in understanding and speaking the language.”

Jane G - Weybridge Surrey

Group Evening Classes

"I have been attending group evening classes with Anne for the last year and half and would recommend them as a great way of developing and practicing conversational French. Having last studied French at school, Anne's tuition provides a useful contrast to traditional grammar-based learning through a focus on conversational techniques which can be used in everyday situations. The classes are run informally and contain both language and cultural content - an important feature which helps to set the pure language skills in the right context and also makes attending the classes an enjoyable experience.”

Phil S - Pyrford, Woking Surrey

In Preparation For Wedding In France

“In helping us prepare for our son's wedding in France, Anne gave us lessons which were imaginative and informative, covering language, conversation topics and French ways and manners. I was a bit intimidated at the thought of having to learn French again, but Anne's approach made the task enjoyable and fun ... quite painless, in fact! As a result, we were well equipped for the wedding and, importantly, we felt confident. We had only a short time to prepare and Anne was very flexible in adapting our lesson schedule to fit in with our limited availability.”

Trevor S - Cobham, Surrey

French Conversation & Confidence

"Perhaps the most difficult generally and definitely for me, is the ability to speak and pronounce French well. That is why the classes are so good. Anne makes the subject interesting, relevant and boosts your confidence in order to converse with confidence, which in front of others can often be intimidating. The light hearted approach inspires you to learn and the lessons let you build your knowledge and therefore the ability to structure the language you want to use with ease. Considering that I dreaded the initial idea of speaking French in front of others within a lesson I now look forward to the weekly class! Quite an achievement."

Jason D - Weybridge, Surrey

Fun & Relaxed Group Lessons

“Prior to my starting lessons with you I had had private lessons with an older French lady on a weekly basis. It was very stressful as I had to memorise paragraphs and found her very intimidating. Needless to say I retained nothing that I learnt in the 18 months that I was with her. Then I met you and started our group lessons. Wow, what a difference! Your method was fun, easy and so relaxed. I have learnt more in the 5 months with you than I ever did with my previous teacher. The great part is that I remember more and feel so much more comfortable to speak French when the need arises.“

Antoinette B - Weybridge, Surrey

Prices For Private Tuition

One-to-one Lessons:


₤30 for one hour; ₤45 for 1½ hour; ₤270 for 10 one-hour lessons

Group lessons:


₤100 for 10 one-hour lessons (minimum 3 – maximum 8 persons)

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